african star fruit benefits

The health benefits of star fruit (Carambola) include boosting the immune system, stimulating lactation, detoxifying the body, relieving respiratory distress, protecting the skin, aiding in weight loss, speeding up the metabolism, preventing cancer, optimizing digestion and building strong bones.It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and boosts hair and skin health. Star fruit health benefits includes promoting digestion, supporting weight loss, maintaining cardiovascular health, supporting eyesight, relieving pain, a good source of protein and fighting infections. Health Benefits of Udara/Agbalumo (African Star Apple) High Vitamin C Content. The African Star Apple is also known as agbalumo by Yorubas, Chiwo by Hausas, its English name is African star apple. The health benefits of African star apple are wonderful 02/15/2018 Studies have shown that a serving of Agbalumo contains just 67 calories; thus making it a good option for people with weight issues. Other benefits includes fighting inflammation, boosting immune system, treating cough, and preventing cancer The health benefits of Udara, the African Star Apple, include use as a herbal medicine, pregnancy and more. Also known as horned melon or African horned cucumber, kiwano is an exotic, peculiar-looking fruit from the central and southern regions of Africa. But more studies are supporting its folklore use for treating/managing diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and drug resistant bacteria The botanical name for the udara fruit is Chrysophyllum albidum. albidum is widely known and consumed in Nigeria where it is popularly known as udara in the south-eastern and some places in south-southern part of the country, ciwoh in Hausa, the Northern part and agbalumo in Yoruba, the south- western part. It is a superb snack because its high fibre content provides food bulk which both increases satiety and aids digestion so it is very ideal for weight watchers. African Star Apple also known as Agbalumo(Yoruba) Udara(Igbo) Eastern Nigeria, is associated with the dry season and has been enjoyed over the years by Nigerians as a fruit. Listed below are few of the health benefits of consuming miracle fruit. Having studied and learned more about this fruit, I would be sharing in today’s article most of what you need to know about this special fruit and its different health benefits. Health benefits of Miracle Fruit. Health Benefits of Udara/Agbalumo (African Star Apple) As with most fruits, it has low calorie because of its little fat content so it is definitely a healthy food. Unlike most mammals and other animals, humans do not have the ability to make ascorbic acid and must obtain vitamin C from their diet. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin. African star apple, botanical name Chrysophyllum albidun G. Don is an exotic and seasonal fruit found in Africa especially West Africa.C. The African Star Apple is a common fruit in Africa, yet not many of us know the immense benefits of eating the fruit. It is a nutrient dense fruit which is consumed almost everywhere. Known to the Yorubas as Agbalumo, to the Igbos as Udara, and the Hausas as Ciwoh, this fantastic fruit (African Star Apple) has many benefits that would amaze you when compared to its size. 1. Synsepalum dulcificum also known as Miracle Fruit is actually a tasteless berry from Sapotaceae family and is native to tropical west and west central Africa. African Star Apple: The Health Benefits Of This Fruit Are Wonderful by kabakaauu: 5:55pm On Feb 15, 2018 Studies have shown that a serving of African Star Apple [Agbalumo or Udara] contains just 67 calories; thus making it a good option for people with weight issues. Here are 7 benefits …

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